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And the cycle continues…


Electronic work using a custom sampler with sounds from cicada recordings

And the cycle continues…




Program Note

Music, nature, and stories are all about patterns. Things that have happened before, happen again. Even things that are seemingly new may be just remixed versions of old. Somethings take a long time to come back, say...cicadas for example. Two summers ago, we were hit by a brood of cicadas in Louisville. These creatures, dubbed Brood X, were buried in the ground for 17 years, before tunneling up to a very short adulthood. The air was filled with their constant humming. Standing close to a tree one would here an ebb and flow to the intensity of their beatings. Loud, then soft, loud, then soft. A cycle, part of a cycle, part of a cycle... See you in 2038.

Notable Performances

  • April 2023 at the University of Louisville - performed by Joshua Lowery

Media Assets Available:


Audio Recording, Sheet Music, User Interface

In progress

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