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As We Still Languish


Orchestra Work

As We Still Languish



2 min


Program Note

Nothing showed us the value of making music together like the Covid-19 pandemic. The pain of being separated from our fellow musicians, the tragically delayed development of budding young musicians, and even the incredible effort needed to scrape together performances has worn away at our soul and our will. The exhaustion of our generation must not keep us from our great potential, and we must brace ourselves and move forward because time is of the essence. Yet even as we step back into the familiar spaces where we share time and sound, we must do so with care and gratitude as we still languish from the effects of our separation.

Notable Performances

  • April 2022 by the University of Louisville Symphony Orchestra Conducted by KimcherieLloyd and Joshua Lowery

Media Assets Available:


Audio Recording, Sheet Music, Video Recording


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