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Dooms for the Children of Ilúvatar


3 movement work for string quartet

Dooms for the Children of Ilúvatar


String instruments

20 min


Program Note

Everyone has their follies. Now matter how vigilant, all fall to darkness. For the Children of Ilúvatar in Middle Earth, it was no different. 

Mithril, a coveted metal. One must be careful not to become to excited with treasure. There are things worse than dragons slumbering in the deep. 

Earendil's Star, the light of a sacred Silmaril in the sky. Though immortal, the elves would slowly fade like the a star as sunrise approaches. Beautiful, incorruptable, but not forever. 

Isildur's Bane, the fall of man. Their hearts are easily corruptable and brought doom for all. There still lies hope, but do not cling to closely to power. 

Notable Performances

  • Feb 2017 at the University of Tulsa

  • Feb 2019 at the University of Tulsa

Media Assets Available:


Audio Recording, Sheet Music


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