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basically…each movement has a different feel



Violin, Cello, Piano

11 min 15 sec


Program Note

Initiative is an exploration of characters, of multiple worlds before they collide. As one makes their way through this journey to find these beings, one must remember the idea and trust the guide.

 The first movement, titled Top Down, takes us to the spark that started it all. In the aethereal of nothingness, the ideas take shape and formless becomes form. This character resists our initial call; nevertheless, we can trust them. Towards the end of this first episode, we hear our guide calling to us. 

The third movement, Lightning in the Distance, brings another world to us. We cannot understand it, but we desperately call for it. This character grows before our eyes and becomes what we cannot. The fourth movement is of steady turmoil. We hear the slipping and sliding of the world around the character, but they remain steadfast to the end of the line. Our guide meets at the end as we have traversed the worlds, met our heroes, and are ready for battle. We can only hope they are more than the sum of their parts.

Notable Performances

  • March 2022 at the University of Louisville

Media Assets Available:


Audio Recording, Sheet Music


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