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Video Game Audio

Music, Sound Design, and Implementation

Game Scoring

With game music, I offer a complete service from overall creative direction, composition, audio production, and delivery of audio. I am experienced in a wide variety of styles which can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether you are looking for action, fantasy, classical, atmospheric, horror, or synth-wave, I have something to suit your game!

Audio Implementation

Along with producing the music and audio files, I also specialize in the implementation and programming of audio into Unity using Wwise. Please watch the following video where I walk through the implementation process from the DAW, to Wwise, and finally in Unity and C#.

Game Research

An important part of my art is research! During my time at the University of Louisville, I was able to use game audio as a focus for several projects. I believe that game audio is one of the most interesting art-forms for composers.

Game Projects

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