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Personal Profile

Welcome! My name is Joshua Lowery. I am a composer, conductor, pianist, cellist, amateur hand-bellist, semi-professional hand-bell director, producer, video editor, game music developer, and I like taking photos on vacation. If that sounds like I have problems focusing, its probably true. They said a master's degree would help focus one's career, but after getting two of those degrees, I just keep finding things I love doing. 

This website serves as a bit of a portfolio and a what I have been up to lately. My social media links on the side are probably the most up to date, but everything ends up on here and has a nice top down view of what I'm up to. Below is a CV for a more formal breakdown of my background, and below is a quick overview of my academic stops.


2020 - 2023

University of Louisville

Here I picked up two degrees,  a master in orchestral conducting and one in composition. I also started realllllly getting into video game music development and anaylsis and computer music.


University of Auckland, NZ

Did a quick stop in Auckland for 6 months, but it was amazing, I did more conducting and film scoring and my favorite composition - Wrought, so I have to mention it.


University of Tulsa

Here I got my bachelor's degree in composition. I conducted the University Orchestra, wrote film scores, and wrote some music you can find in the music tab over yonder.



Took a nice gap year to teach piano, cello, composition, and conduct. Also got into a bit of music producing and 3D animating/video editing here.

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